PR Photographer Edinburgh

New Wave Images UK is a professional PR photographer in Edinburgh.

We work with PR agencies, businesses, charities and organised groups across Scotland to help them capture a selection of images that will pique the interest of stakeholders, stay on message, and support your brand.

With significant experience and expertise in professional PR photography in Edinburgh, we understand the challenge of getting a campaign message across to your stakeholders.

PR photography for press releases

PR photography in EdinburghWhilst we obviously can’t guarantee media coverage, we can help you significantly improve the chances of your PR opportunity or story being publicised, and help keep some control of your message. Specifically in terms of the media, editorial staff are bombarded with press releases and statements every day. It is important that your message stands out from the rest, but is concise in its content, as column, and screen space, is at a premium. When you send your release to a media outlet, you lose control of your promotional message as soon as it reaches its recipient, and one of three things is likely to happen:

  1. it will be edited to fit the space available in the media vehicle and/or reflect the publications stance or opinion on the issue (most likely case scenario)
  2. it will be taken at face value by the publication and printed verbatim without any alteration by the paper (most optimistic, but highly unlikely, scenario)
  3. it will be deleted, ignored or otherwise not included (worst case scenario and highly probable)

However, because a picture paints a thousand words, one way a professional PR photographer in Edinburgh can help you keep control of your message is to create pictures that tell the story on their own with only a picture caption as a description. These are known as standalone images and can help if your image becomes disassociated with your release or there isn’t enough space in the paper to include a full story.

Our PR photographer can help with standalone images by using our photography expertise to convey the emotion or tone of your message in a small selection of great images. These images can then be included with your release, added to your corporate site or social media platforms to help draw your audience into your messaging content.

As we are used to providing agencies and media outlets with PR photography in Edinburgh directly, our turnaround times from image capture to supply are fast. This means you can rely on us to deliver images to you that enable you to get your message out as quickly as possible.

After the images have been edited, our PR photographer can even send them out direct to the UK media picture desks (also known as wiring), fully captioned, so the images are on the paper’s system, available for their use, within minutes.

PR photography for features

PR photographer Edinburgh

Having high quality images that support your story and get your message across is critical and this is true whether it’s a small news item, a feature page or double page spread. New Wave Images UK provides high quality images that will encourage editors to spot the potential of a feature or story.

It is therefore worthwhile working with us in advance of a shoot so that we can help maximise your promotional concept, hook, or ‘stunt’ by planning great imagery that will compliment your feature piece or release.

Portraits for PR

PR photography in Edinburgh

Our PR photographer is often commissioned to take corporate photography portraits, and/or headshots, of individual key staff or teams to include with corporate profile pieces for business magazines, supplements, opinion pieces etc. We also undertake corporate photography for marketing collateral, and internal communications use.

High quality PR Portrait photography images that are up to date are important for many reasons, but you want the staff that represent your organisation, or client organisation, to look credible and professional at what they do. This lends some subtle credibility to your corporate message.

A range of quality portraits and headshots that are up to date, are also important for the media to associate with articles about individuals. A publication may want, for example to use a headshot of your CEO or key member of staff in an article associated with your business. If so, it’s important that the image portrays your business in the best light, particularly if the news being published isn’t good.

PR photography for photocalls

These days, even if you invite the press along with a great angle in your calling notice, it is difficult to know who, or if, they will attend and if they will send a photographer to take images that will convey the message you intend.

Again, you also risk losing a degree of message control, as press photographers will take images which they feel works best with the type of story, or angle, their publication intends to run. Unfortunately, that’s not always necessarily the message you want to convey.

At New Wave Images UK, our PR photography in Edinburgh is created to convey as much about your promotional message as possible. If you commission us to take your images, we will take images that compliment and strengthen your message in a positive way.

If you would like to commission a professional PR photographer that you can rely on to make creative and high quality PR photography, please do contact us for a quote.

Our other photography services

New Wave Images UK offers a huge range of professional photography services. Some of our other professional photography services include:

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