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We have many years experience of being an event photographer in Scotland at venues large and small. This has been at prestigious, large venues such as EICC, Scottish Parliament, Atholl Palace, Stirling Castle, National Museum of Scotland, and so on. However, we also cover many smaller gatherings in more modestly sized venues. No matter what the size of venue, each presents it’s challenges to the photographer. Our experience and knowledge in mitigate or limiting these difficulties sets us apart from other companies.

Saving you time

Marketing and event staff are usually short on time. So, you need an event photographer that is reliable, highly experienced and needs minimal supervision. You also need them to be able to create the great results you are looking for consistently. New Wave Images UK is highly experienced and has worked for many organisations and media outlets over the years. As a result, our industry knowledge, skills, and equipment, enable us to create consistent high quality images. We know the sort of images clients might need and can capture them to give maximum flexibility to clients. So, by anticipating your likely image needs, applying our skills efficiently with minimal supervision, we can save you time.

Professional approach

Clients can sometimes find it daunting to create a photography brief for their event or conference. However, it’s important to have one so that the photographer knows what to cover during the event. Prior to your event, we can offer advice and guidance on what we find typically works best. This is a balance between the clients needs and the practicalities of the venue in terms of lighting and access. We work closely with our clients to make sure we understand their image needs and tailor our approach accordingly. Our understanding of marketing communications means we also have insight into what images might work best for a given outcome. We create images that are flexible enough to be used in many ways, formats, and channels.

Our process is pretty simple. From booking confirmation until the day of the shoot, we work closely with our client to fully understand their requirements. When on location, we maintain a professional approach throughout because we know that as a contractor, we represent our clients too. Our initial work at the venue is to set up any portable studio areas and mark them out for safety. We also have a quick look around the event areas to assess light levels and possible image angles. If marketing and event staff are on location, we will maintain an open dialogue with them to make sure they are happy too. We find that friendly and clear communication is essential to getting the very best results.

Image processing

Image processing and editing is the part that clients don’t normally see and can often take a much longer time to complete than the shoot itself. We usually take images back to the office to process and edit them as our desk computers are more powerful and faster at rendering. We use the very best software for image editing and are highly skilled in applying editing techniques for superior results. Unless requested, all our images are processed and edited before being made available as high resolution .jpeg files to our clients.

Consistent and reliable

We feel that we offer a professional photographic service with consistently high quality results you can rely on. However, don’t just take our word for it.

Have a look at some of the testimonials left by our clients from previous assignments.

Other Photography Services

We are proud to be a commercial photographer in Scotland and deliver services from two geographic areas:

Inverness Photographer

We offer a huge range of photography services in Inverness. Our most frequently requested services are event photographer, PR photographer, and corporate photographer. However, we do offer a whole range of other services too, such as portrait photography, editorial, property photographer and sports photographer.

Edinburgh Photographer

We offer a fantastic range of services for commercial photography in Edinburgh too. Let us take the stress out of recording your conference or event with an event photographer in Edinburgh. Or, if it’s a promotional or advertising message you need to strengthen, why not try our PR photographer in Edinburgh. Whether it’s a corporate photographer in Edinburgh that you are looking for, portraits, or a sports photographer, we can cover it for you.

Drone photographer Scotland

As well as offering commercial photography services on the ground, we offer aerial photography services across Scotland too. Modern technology has resulted in new ways to capture aerial film and imagery. We use some of the latest drone technology fitted with high grade cameras to capture aerial images and footage. A choice of aircraft is available for use in specific situations. Ultimately, using UAVs give clients more flexibility at a more affordable price.

Let us take the stress out of capturing aerial images with an aerial drone photographer. Our services also include: aerial drone photography, filming with drones, drone survey and mapping.


Why not contact us with a photo project so we can make you and your business look great?

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