Event Photographer in Edinburgh

New Wave Images UK is an award winning event photographer in Edinburgh.

Our high quality event photography is for all sizes of events across Scotland. So, whether you need an event photographer in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen and Stirling, we can over it for you. We regularly cover business awards and conferences, corporate events, music and sporting events, and festivals for individual companies and media outlets.

We understand the importance to your business and your brand, to have images that evoke the memories, emotions and spirit of the event you have worked hard to produce.

Whether it’s event photography, portraiture, features images, public relations photography, headshots, or internal communications photographs, our aim is to capture the emotion, personality and promotional message our clients want to convey.

Event photography

Event photographer exampleThe events we cover vary enormously from large scale public events like festivals, concerts and sports events, to much smaller social gatherings. We also regularly cover conference photography, business awards photography and corporate event photography, which we mention further down the page.

Most people recognise the importance of having images of their event and the value it provides their business. However, some people are still unsure if they should hire a professional photographer for their event. We believe that it’s important to your business, to have images that not only evoke the memories of your event or conference, but reflect well on your brand. To do this effectively, you need to be able to rely on consistent and professional results time and again.

Event photography from us will produce professional and high quality results. This in turn conveys a sense of professionalism and quality in your own business. Images that look amateurish, will say the same about your business, and event, to your potential customers and attendees.

Problem solvers

Events usually have many awkward variables, not least lighting. For a non-professional, it’s not always obvious how to deal with these, let alone achieve a top quality image. The reality is that, if you don’t engage a professional, you would be placing a lot of faith in somebody unlikely to be able to produce the consistency you need to produce the quality results you desire.

Sometimes, we use specialist equipment to overcome some of the challenges mentioned above. A non-professional is unlikely to possess these, or possibly know when to use them. That’s not to mention the pressure a non-professional will feel under at such events. Having spent so much time organising an event, you want to be able to have the peace of mind that a professional photographer a consistently high quality of images.

Conference photographer

Conference photographer Edinburgh

As well as an event photographer in Edinburgh, we are regularly asked to photograph business awards, corporate events, and conferences.

We are often commissioned to provide an event photographer for high profile and large events. This is because our clients’ know that they can trust us to deliver consistently high quality images.

Through professional experience and expertise, we are familiar with the type of images you may require from a conference. We work very closely with clients prior to the conference or event to understand their requirements and in what context the images will be used. This means that, on the day, we need very little direction which frees you up for other things.

If you are unsure about what images you might require, we will happily provide any advice and guidance regarding images, should you need it.

Sports event photography

Sometimes we are asked to cover sports photography at events for clients, which can be anything from a large public event, to a smaller match, or training session. Although not an event, we are also asked to take portrait photography of sportspeople in action.

Event Photographer Edinburgh

If you would like to commission a professional event photographer in Edinburgh that you can rely on to make creative and high quality event photography, please do contact us for a quote. Although New Wave Images UK is based in Edinburgh, we undertake major event photography far and wide.

Our other photography services

We are proud to be a commercial photographer in Scotland and deliver services from two geographic areas:

Inverness Photographer

We offer a huge range of photography services in Inverness. Our most frequently requested services are event photographer, PR photographer, and corporate photographer. However, we do offer a whole range of other services too, such as portrait photography, editorial, property photographer and sports photographer.

Edinburgh Photographer

We offer a fantastic range of services for commercial photography in Edinburgh too. Let us take the stress out of recording your conference or event with an event photographer in Edinburgh. Or, if it’s a promotional or advertising message you need to strengthen, why not try our PR photographer in Edinburgh. Whether it’s a corporate photographer in Edinburgh that you are looking for, portraits, or a sports photographer, we can cover it for you.

Drone photographer Scotland

As well as offering commercial photography services on the ground, we offer aerial photography services across Scotland too. Modern technology has resulted in new ways to capture aerial film and imagery. We use some of the latest drone technology fitted with high grade cameras to capture aerial images and footage. A choice of aircraft is available for use in specific situations. Ultimately, using UAVs give clients more flexibility at a more affordable price.

Let us take the stress out of capturing aerial images with an aerial drone photographer. Our services also include: aerial drone photography, filming with drones, drone survey and mapping.


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