Aerial survey and mapping in Inverness


New Wave Images UK can provide your business with high quality aerial survey services.

We use the latest technology for our aerial survey services and are fully authorised by the CAA. So if you have an area of land, building site, vacant lot, or crop field that you need to map or promote, New Wave Images can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Aerial survey in Inverness

New Wave Images UK recognises that businesses are under significant pressure to reduce project costs whilst maintaining quality. That’s one of reasons we provide clients with a wide range of high quality aerial survey options for their data collection and imagery needs that are affordable and complimentary.

What we can supply

  • High resolution images and 4k video
  • Orthomosaic mapping (photo mapping)
  • Topographical mapping (using colour to show elevation changes)
  • Plant health monitoring (using colour to show vegetation states)
  • 3D Photogrammetry (3D modelling)
  • Point cloud data (millions of points used in CAD software by designers and architects)
  • Geo-referencing  (using ground markers or software to accurately position the map in relation to the world around it).

New Wave Images UK  is fully authorised by the CAA as a commercial UAV operator. The CAA provides us (Malcolm McCurrach trading as New Wave Images UK) with permission for commercial operation (PfCO) under Article 94(5) and Article 95(1) of the Air Navigation Order 2016 on an annually renewable basis. All commercial UAV operators must hold a current CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO).

Benefits of using UAV aerial surveying

We use the latest UAV (drone) technology and software so that we can pass on significant benefits to our clients:

  • Reduced costs (no survey staff, plant hire, helicopters, scaffolding, required)
  • Minimal site disruption (minimal plant downtime and site staff involvement required)
  • Reduced risk (no working at height, and we are CAA authorised operators)
  • Increased efficiency in data collection (no survey staff covering the land on foot)
  • Fast data turnaround (data is able to be delivered quickly)
  • Better architect data integration (topography easily integrated into GIS, CAD, etc)
  • Less environmental impact (no scaffolding or helicopters, UAVs battery powered)
  • Wide range of data output formats available

We are able to reduce operating costs for our clients by using the latest UAV (drone) technology and software for aerial survey. As a result, this often reduces the need for hire of large and expensive helicopters, scaffolding, and additional survey staff covering the land on foot to gather the data required. By using this approach, we offer data-rich and high quality aerial surveying services at affordable cost. Consequently, our clients can use the data we gather and supply to make more accurate and well informed decisions quickly and easily.

Areas of operation

Some of the business areas and purposes we conduct aerial surveying for are:

  • Building Survey (including roof survey and inspection)
  • Land Survey (including land use)
  • Construction Site Survey (including stock pile data and project clear up)
  • Aerial Survey for agriculture (including crop health)
  • Aerial survey for Archaeology
  • Property development
  • Environmental monitoring

So if you would like to discuss a potential aerial surveying project with us, please get in touch using our contact form with as much detail as possible.

CAA authorised for aerial survey and mapping



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