Aerial photography using UAV drones

Aerial UAV drone photography

Gain a new perspective on the world with aerial photography and filming services from New Wave Images UK

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New Wave Images UK offers high quality aerial photography and filming services with UAVs (drones) at very affordable prices. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality photography services to our clients. So, add that extra dimension to your marketing materials by adding some aerial photography from New Wave Images UK.

New technology has led to a revolution in aerial photography. Nowadays, images are captured by specially trained pilots using UAV’s (drones) with high grade cameras, rather than photographers in helicopters. This advance in technology means that using UAVs can give clients more flexibility at a more affordable price.

Our UAVs (drones) can be deployed at specific locations and heights* to take 360 views at that level. This is an ideal way to generate views for potential customers from the top of attractions, viewing platforms, and off-plan commercial property and flats.

Projects you might need

aerial photography using UAV drones

Our projects involve us taking aerial images and/or filming footage of a location, event, premises, or scene, to become part of a client’s marketing campaign, advert for TV, promotional video, or within a printed brochure or leaflet. Just a very few of the project areas we could help you with:

  • Marketing campaigns – aerial photography and filming for creatives and business
  • Residential property – aerial photography and filming for Estate Agents or owners
  • Commercial property – aerial photography and filming for marketing, survey, repair
  • TV and Film – documentaries, commercials, tv segments, cinematography
  • Landscapes – aerial photography and filming for tourism and other creatives
  • Venues – aerial photography and filming for hotels, public attractions, and venues
  • Music video – aerial photography and filming to include in artists videos

Authorised by the CAA

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) authorise us to operate commercially (PfCO), and in some additional specialist situations that some other operators will need an additional permit. This allows us more operational flexibility and can often speed things up for our clients.

Technically speaking, UAV’s are aircraft which operate in airspace at anything up to 400 feet above the ground and 500m away. Each pilot therefore needs to have a very specific set of skills. They must demonstrate that they can not only fly safely while capturing great footage, but do so in a commercial environment. For that reason, the CAA must authorise and assess all commercial UAV/drone operators.  If satisfied with the operator’s levels of skill and safety, the CAA ultimately provide a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO). This was previously known as a Permission for Aerial Work (PfAW).

New Wave Images UK pilots have completed approved CAA training (called an Unmanned Aerial Qualification – UAQ) They demonstrated to assessors that their flight skills and operations are safe and legal. We have also developed additional areas of operation that not all operators have.

Get in touch with us to find out how we could help bring your project to life through aerial photography.

* subject to CAA ANO, PfCO, and flight safety.
CAA authorised aerial photography using UAV drone



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