Aerial filming and cinematography

Using drones for filming and cinematography

Make your promotional campaigns fly high with aerial filming and cinematography from New Wave Images UK.

New Wave Images UK offers high quality aerial drone filming and cinematography services using drones at very affordable rates. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality drone filming services to our clients. Give your marketing materials interest and add some aerial filming from New Wave Images UK.

New technology has resulted in a revolution in the way that aerial film footage is created. Our specially trained pilots use UAV drones with high grade cameras to capture aerial images, rather than camera operators in helicopters. This makes using UAV drones more flexible and affordable.

Our aerial filming and cinematography footage is for one or more of the following client areas:

  • Marketing campaigns – aerial filming for creative agencies/business, etc
  • Residential property – aerial filming for Estate Agents or individuals
  • Commercial property – UAV filming for marketing, survey, repair works etc
  • TV and Film – aerial filming for documentary, commercials, cinematography
  • Landscapes – aerial photography and filming for tourism and other creatives
  • Venues – aerial photography and filming to highlight hotels, public attractions, and venues
  • Music video – aerial photography and filming to include in artists videos

CAA Authorisation

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has given us its permission to operate commercially through issue of an Operational Authorisation, previously known as a PfCO or PfAW). This means we can legally carry out UAV drone services commercially. We also have some specialist CAA permissions which allow us operate more flexibly for clients, including at any time of day or night.

New Wave Images UK pilots have completed an approved CAA training assessment (called an Unmanned Aerial Qualification – UAQ). To obtain this qualification, we had to demonstrate to assessors that our aviation theory, flight skills and air operations are safe and legal.

Get in touch with us to find out how we could help bring your project to life through aerial photography.


* subject to CAA ANO, PfCO, and flight safety.

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