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New Wave Images is the best choice for all your commercial photography needs.

Our dedicated staff look forward to supporting you in your forthcoming photography or filming project.  We can be contacted by telephone or by email. We can also be contacted by using the contact form on this page.  If you have a particular photography project in mind, its very useful to use the contact form below to give us details. When you fill in the contact us form, it helps us if you can include as much relevant project information as you can. As well as your contact details, things to include are listed below the form:

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First of all, the proposed date(s) for your project. If it is on a specific time and date, we can let you know quickly whether we have availability to provide photography services on that day. If the project is not date or time specific, it is often useful to provide a variety of dates that would be suitable for you. Hence we can ensure we can schedule sufficient time for your project.


Likewise, other vital information for planning purposes is Photography location. New Wave images covers a wide geographical are, right across the country. As a result, location is important for us to plan the appropriate staff member is available in your location. This also allows us time to plan for travel, parking etc.


Similarly, the purpose of the photography project is also useful information to have at an early stage. For example, your requirements may be different for an event such as a conference or awards ceremony, or for a PR shoot. Different equipment may be required for different types of project. Hence it is important that we ensure we have available items such as lighting for portraits or indoor events, a drone for aerial photography, or microphone for film projects. When you provide New Wave Images with as much information as possible at an early stage you can help us to help you. As a result we can make sure we provide exactly the services you require in the most cost effective way. Hence this allows us to plan appropriately and provide you with an accurate quote, ensuring we meet your needs on time and on budget.

Time or duration

Likewise, other useful information is the duration of the project. In other words, how long you think you would need us to attend. This again allows for scheduling the appropriate member of staff to ensure the project is carried out with sufficient time. Hence the project will not be rushed, and neither will the cost be higher than you actually need.

Fast Response

Once you complete and send the online contact us form, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate that you have a choice of suppliers for your commercial photography needs, and also that you need a quick response from us. We know that this allows you to confirm our availability so that you can relax knowing that you have secured the services on a first-class photography provider. Similarly you can relax knowing that costs are in line with your budget. When you contact us with your initial requirements you start a dialogue with us , hence we become partners in making sure your project is completed beyond your expectations. Furthermore, we aim to communicate fully with you at all stages of the project for the reason that we understand your needs and preferences. Finally, At New Wave images we want your experience of our services to be first class from first contact to delivery of the finished product.