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Award winning photographer Malcolm McCurrach wins two industry awards

Friday 25th September saw the 2015 Scottish Press Photography Awards take place in Glasgow. This year, Malcolm McCurrach (New Wave Images UK), won two industry awards (one for Arts and Entertainment and the other for portrait photography).  ‘I’m honoured to have been recognised by my peers’ said the award winning photographer.

SPPA award winning photographer image: Arts and Entertainment category 2015The awards themselves aim to profile the work of press photographers across Scotland and are divided into nine photography categories: News, Arts and Entertainment, Portrait, Politics, Sports Action, Daily Life and People, Sports Features, Nature and The Environment, Reportage, and an overall Photographer of the Year Award, this year won by Garry McHarg.

Speaking of his achievement the award winning photographer said “I feel the awards bring positivity to the profession. They do a lot to profile the excellent work of my colleagues across Scotland. We live in challenging times in an unpredictable industry. With decreasing client budgets and austerity I’m glad to see that organisations still recognise the importance and value that photography brings to their communications. Really, I just wanted to show my support for the awards by submitting my entries. I am delighted and proud to have achieved first place in two categories.” Malcolm McCurrach | New Wave Images UK

SPPA award winning photographer image: Portrait category 2015Malcolm won the Arts and Entertainment category for creating an event photography image of jousting at Linlithgow Palace (above left). This image illustrated the staging of, or background to, a performance or aspect of arts and entertainment. Malcolm also won the Portrait category by creating a posed photograph where the essence of the subject’s character was revealed. In this case it was Philip Archer, Principal of the Leith School of Art, with Hans K Clausen’s exhibit ‘Before Present‘ (left).

“Pictures paint a thousand words and are more often remembered than the accompanying words. Good journalists are rightly celebrated and we feel that good photographers should also be recognised for the work they deliver on a consistent basis. They often go to great lengths to get the shots that grab the attention and stop the page from turning. A single frame can encapsulate a whole story.”  Scottish Press Photography Awards website.

The SPPAwards

As we’ve said elsewhere in this site, great photographers can convey a story within one image. That often becomes really important when your message needs more than just words to convey an emotion. That’s why the award organisers felt that press photographers should be recognised for delivering a consistently high quality of work.

The SPPAwards say this about the scheme on their website:

“Photographers often go to great lengths to get the shots that grab the attention and stop the page from turning. Those at the sharp end of press photography feel that it is right to highlight and applaud the work of their peers.

Everybody thinks they are a photographer these days, whether they shoot a family wedding or publish selfies on the net. However, the results are often exposed when compared to images that are published and taken by a professional. Professional photographers have invested time and money in the drive to get the best quality image on a day to day basis.

Some iPhone graduates can get lucky and capture a great image. However, professionals are out there every day making sure they are lucky more often than not. The Awards highlight the range of skills employed by professional photographers.

The award winning photographer images are sent to national and local press along with magazine and internet exposure.

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