PR Photographer Inverness, Highlands and Moray

New Wave Images is a professional PR photographer in Inverness, the Highlands, and Moray. Working with business, large and small, we capture images that reinforce the campaign message, and support your brand.

New Wave Images is a very experienced PR photographer organisation. We know how hard it can be to get a campaign message across to your stakeholders in an impactful way. The good news is that we can help.

PR photography for press releases

Using our PR photography experience will improve the chances of your campaign message being picked up by the media. Sadly, editorial staff are swamped with press releases and statements every day. So, it’s important that your campaign message stands out from the rest. Therefore, including a great support image, gives your message a better chance of standing out.

PR photographer Inverness

Inglis Lyon, HIAL Managing Director. © Malcolm McCurrach

Even if a paper’s story layout may be full, a convincing standalone picture may still be able to be used with a caption. This can give a vital second chance for your PR message to be publicised.

One way a professional PR photographer like New Wave Images UK can help, is to help you create pictures that tell a story on their own, with just a small caption as a description. These are known as standalone images. So, if your image becomes seperated from your release, or there just isn’t enough space in the paper to include a full story, your image may still be used.

Our expertise can help you to convey the emotion of your message in a selection of great images. These can then be sent with your release, added to your website, or social media channels, to help draw your audience into your message content.

Turnaround times

We are used to providing agencies and media outlets with PR photography directly, and our turnaround times from image capture to supply are fast. This means you can rely on us to deliver images where they need to go to get your message out as quickly as possible.

After the images have been edited, our PR photographer can even send images direct to the UK media picture desks (also known as wiring). This means that the images are on the paper’s system, available for their use, within minutes.

Our other photographer services

New Wave Images UK offers a huge range of professional photography services. Some of our other professional photography services include:


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