Portrait Photography

New Wave Images UK offers professional portrait photography to individuals, actors, performing artists, authors, as well as key staff and teams in businesses, charities and organised groups.

As with most form of photography, there are a few types and approaches to portrait photography. In general, portrait photography is centred around the face and shoulders with the aim of capturing the subject’s personality and expression. This is often also referred to as a headshot. However, sometimes the background and/or whole body is included in the image to give the subject, or whole image, some context.

When we are commissioned to take portraits for a client, whether this is for an individual’s social headshot or for corporate portraiture, we take an individual approach to each assignment we are commissioned for.

Generally, our portraits fall into five category types:


Simply put, headshots are portrait images that usually only include the subjects head and shoulders. The point of headshots are really for promotional purposes to convey the subjects credibility, appearance, suitability for a role, or perhaps casting.
Conceptual portraiture photography A conceptual portraiture photography approach is most often used in social photography, studio photography, advertising and marketing where the resulting portrait conveys an idea or concept (e.g. credible executive, couple in love, happy family etc.)

Environmental portraiture photography

Environmental portraiture photography is where the subject is often shown carrying out an activity associated or related with their environment where more information is subtly implied about the subject within the photo (e.g. an executive in an office, an artist in a studio, a doctor in a hospital, a child in a playground.

Candid portraiture photography

Candid portraiture photography is used without the subject being aware that their picture is being taken. This style has a very natural and honest feel to it because the subjects haven’t been posed. When used in the right way, it can be very effective at showing people carrying out daily activities without looking ‘posed’.

Artistic (creative) portraiture photography

This is a style that uses computer software in post-production (after the image has been taken) to manipulate and enhance the portrait image in such a way that gives it a very different, but flattering, style and look. The artistic portraiture photography style can look incredible with more and more clients asking for this look to set their portraits apart from others.

Corporate portraiture

Our corporate photographer is often commissioned to take corporate photography portraits, and/or headshots, of individual key staff and staff teams. Usually this involves using one of the styles mentioned above: headshots, conceptual, environmental or artistic styles.
Corporate head shots can be used in a huge number of ways including for marketing collateral, profiling a member of staff in the media, websites and social media:

  • LinkedIn personal profiles and company profiles
  • Publisher profiles
  • Facebook and Twitter profiles
  • Corporate website ‘about us’ page
  • Corporate catalogues, brochures and advertising collateral
  • Company publications, annual reports, websites, internal and external
  • Press releases and other announcements
  • Articles and newspapers
  • Author pages

Portraits for PR

Our PR photographer is often commissioned to take corporate photography portraits, and/or headshots, of individual key staff or teams to include with corporate profile pieces for business magazines, supplements, opinion pieces etc. We also undertake corporate photography for marketing collateral, and internal communications use.

High quality PR Portrait photography images that are up to date are important for many reasons, but you want the staff that represent your organisation, or client organisation, to look credible and professional at what they do. This lends some subtle credibility to your corporate message.

A range of quality portraits and headshots that are up to date, are also important for the media to associate with articles about individuals. A publication may want, for example to use a headshot of your CEO or key member of staff in an article associated with your business. If so, it’s important that the image portrays your business in the best light, particularly if the news being published isn’t good.

Our other photography services

New Wave Images UK offers a huge range of professional photography services. Some of our other professional photography services include:

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