Event Photography in Inverness, Highlands, and Moray

New Wave Images UK offer high quality event photography in Inverness, Highlands and Moray. We take images at client corporate events and conferences of all sizes, and are many client’s photography supplier of choice. We cover everything from corporate events, business awards, conferences, festivals, music events, and sporting events. Our photography clients include large and small businesses, charities, media outlets, PR agencies, and event managers.

Event photography in Inverness, Highlands and Moray

Looking for high quality event photography in Inverness, Highlands, and Moray? Then hiring an experienced and reliable event photographer is important, for you and your business. New Wave Images UK understands this. It believes that a positively viewed business, is one of the keys to business success. The way you present your business to the public often affects how the public think about that business. In the same way, the images used to promote a business, help influence opinion. So, as you can see, it’s really important to have good images that reflect your event in a positive way. As a result, this will create a positive message that supports your business and brand.

Why you need New Wave Images UK

Event photography in Inverness, Highlands and Moray.Although you understand the need to have professionally taken images of your event, surprisingly, some others are unsure. It’s essential to have event images that reflect well on the business. That’s because it helps position your business where you want it to be, in the public’s mind.

New Wave Images UK produces quality images, so you can use them to show your business’ in the best light. In our experience, images that look unprofessional, tend to convey that message about the business using them. So, to keep your business reputation high, it’s important to have great quality images. Equally, if you want to improve your business reputation, then this is one area you should look at.

It’s important for businesses to be able to rely on a photography supplier to provide high quality images consistently. So, you need to feel confident that your photography supplier can perform at this level, again and again. It is also important that your supplier can deal with the challenges of photographing events, and resolve issues effectively. New Wave Images UK has a proven track record in undertaking consistently high quality event photography for our clients. That is why we are many clients photography supplier of choice.

Apart from the obvious benefits of our expertise, New Wave Images UK always use professional grade camera equipment. To ensure image quality and speed of delivery, New Wave Images UK also uses the best professional editing software available.

New Wave Images UK provides reliable and professional event photography in Inverness and the Highlands.

Conference photography

Event photography in Inverness, Highlands and Moray.New Wave Images UK is often commissioned to provide event photography for high profile and large events. That’s because high quality, consistency and customer satisfaction are so important to us. Our clients’ know that they can rely on us to deliver high quality images, fitting their brief, time and again.

Through professional experience and expertise, we are familiar with the type of images you may require from a conference. So, we make every effort to understand client requirements beforehand and how you will use your images. This means that, on the day, we need very little direction, which frees up your time for other things.

If you are unsure about what images you might need from your event, we are very happy to advise.

Sports event photography

Event photographyNew Wave Images UK also cover sports photography at events for clients. This can be anything from a public or staff event, to a smaller match or training session. We can also take portrait photography of sportspeople in action, or posed with their sports equipment.

Interested in booking event photography in Inverness, Highland or Moray? Then contact us with event details, and we can give you a quote.

New Wave Images UK can also undertake event photography across Scotland.

Our other photography services

New Wave Images UK offers a wide range of photography services. These include:

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